TaxWise® Online 2018 Education Video Library

The Education Video Library features short instructional videos designed to help you work with your TaxWise Online software. Each video guides you step-by-step through important program features.

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Administrative Tasks

This video describes various tasks the Admin user should complete in TaxWise Online, including navigating the settings available.

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This video demonstrates how to bring basic prior year return data into the current year return.

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Enhancement: New Form 1040

This video describes changes made to Form 1040 for tax year 2018.

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This video covers setting up e-Signature in TaxWise Online, as well as electronically signing returns in the preparer's office or remotely.

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This video demonstrates how to begin a return in Interview mode, or toggle between the interview and forms view in TaxWise Online.

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Manage Users

This video demonstrates how to add new users and passwords in TaxWise Online.

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Partner Verification

This video demonstrates how to verify the partners and any associated fees you have for additional return services you subscribe to.

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Print Settings

This video demonstrates how to select default forms to print for TaxWise Online.

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Print to CCH iFirm Client Portal

This video demonstrates how to link your CCH iFirm account to TaxWise Online, and print returns directly to the Client Portal.

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Tax Research Tools

This video discusses research tools available inside TaxWise Online.

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This video describes how to set up templates for both returns and client letters in TaxWise Online.

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This video describes various tools you can use to troubleshoot in TaxWise Online.

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TaxWise Desktop to TaxWise Online

This video describes transferring data from TaxWise desktop to TaxWise Online.

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This video describes the TaxWise Online Vault, where you can store client documents inside the return. With an approved camera, you can also take pictures of documents to store with the return.

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Individual Practice Returns

Use the following return scenarios to practice entering returns in your software. Choose from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced scenarios to increase your skill using more complex forms and situations.